The Growing Level of Importance of the Customer Delivery Assistant

Posted by [email protected] on June 20, 2014 at 4:20 PM

In a world where more and more people are having their groceries delivered to their homes and other retailers are increasingly entering the home grocery arena, the interaction between retailer and customer has entered a new level, customers now invite the retailer into their homes.

At Tesco, the Customer Delivery Assistant (CDA) is the person at the forefront of playing ambassador in this relatively new interaction. For many customers who order online, the Customer Delivery Assistant is the only human interaction they have with Tesco and friendliness and helpfulness of the CDA makes their delivery a great experience. 

Every single customer is different so the art of being a great Customer Delivery Assistant is getting to know customers and what their needs are. Some may only require or even prefer minimal assistance whilst others will require more help. Those that require more help may be a little shy in asking so it is a case of noticing the signs and offering to help as much as possible. 

The majority of our Customer Delivery Assistants find that the most enjoyable part of their working day is engaging in conversation with customers. For some customers, the CDA might be one of the few faces they see in a day and will want to chat, others will be rushing around and want their delivery completed promptly so it is a case of being able to judge the amount of conversation a customer would like to get engaged in. CDA’s have to be good listeners and understand what the customer is saying, one method of building a rapport with a customer is to find a common ground and chat about it. Chatting with customers in their own homes in not a privilege afforded to anyone else in the retail industry. 

We don’t always get it right and when things do go wrong, the Customer Delivery Assistant may find themselves having to quickly step into the role of Customer Services Manager. CDA’s have to show empathy and the way in which a CDA handles a complaint may reduce the chances of further repercussions and could prevent the loss of a customer. Gaining back a customer is difficult and costly. 

The vehicles our Customer Delivery Assistants drive are finished in an easily recognisable Tesco livery. CDA’s are constantly aware of this and to uphold the reputation of Tesco, always drive in a courteous professional manner.

We at Tesco have thousands of Customer Delivery assistants, all acting as great ambassadors for the company in this new era of multi-channel retail. Our CDA’s are keeping our existing customers loyal and happy by providing an excellent level of customer service, they are also looking forward to providing the same level of service to new customers in a growing sector.

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