Surprising and Delighting with flowers in Falkirk and elsewhere - Guest Blogger, Jennifer Young

Posted by [email protected] on August 7, 2015 at 10:50 AM

Because Shelagh has arthiritis, getting around in a large store has become more difficult so when she heard about shopping on line, she decided to try it, she says "using my computer to shop was brilliant and when the delivery came, the driver was so helpful, I've shopped this way ever since". 

Our store is not the only one to have sent out flowers to customers recently. I came across some other cases on Yammer, our internal company social network website.

At our Risca Extra store, fellow CSLA Joanna Burridge was on her last shift before going on placement when she visited a customer who had collased just before her delivery was due.

Joanna wrote "One of my colleagues, Luke Phillips (CDA) was carrying out his deliveries on a normal Wednesday afternoon. He arrived at the customer's house when he could hear cries for help coming from inside. He went into the house, and Mrs Dacey was laying on the floor following a fall. She was unable to move herself or get any help. Luke helped Mrs Dacey up on to the sofa so she was supported, and phoned around her family members to find some one that could help. In the mean time, Luke put all the shopping away and then waited with her until someone else arrived. I later received a call from the CSC explaining what had happened, and the customer's daughter wanted to thank Luke for what he had done. As he arrived back in store later in the day he had given me the full story. The following day we decided to go and visit Mrs Dacey with a card and a bunch of flowers from the team to let her know we were thinking of her. The customer was absolutely delighted with this, and it put a smile back on her face as it was totally unexpected. She has been a customer with us for many years and says the service she receives from Risca is always fantastic as the drivers are always more than willing to help her. She was extremely thankful for Luke doing what he did, as without him she could of been lying there for hours. The customer loved the flowers. Luke received Superstar of the month, and was presented with a thank you gift from the dot com management team."

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