Delivering Our Best in Extremely Hot Weather

Posted by [email protected] on July 3, 2015 at 7:10 PM

On the 1st of July, the country recorded its hottest July temperature on record with temperatures in London higher than those in Athens and Rome and just like in winter when bad weather creates additional problems for our customers, the hot weather can cause difficulties for some of our elderly customers and those with health problems too. Our CDA’s are always willing to do what they can to help. I regularly make sure frozen items are put away for those customers who may be slow at putting them in the freezer themselves.

When it snows our Customer Delivery Assistants get plenty of sympathy from colleagues and customers and everyone is really grateful of the effort made by them in getting orders delivered. In extremely hot weather we sometimes get very little praise, not because people are ungrateful but because they just don’t realise how much more difficult the job becomes. That said, it has been encouraging to read on Yammer, our internal social network at Tesco how our departments across the country have reacted to the hot weather .

At Cross Point Extra near Coventry, Lead Dot Com Manager, Sam Carolan said: "We've got a sun lotion station, giving out chilled water bottles and have made sure our CDAs are looked after. With over 70 drivers we need to look after the guys and gals".  

At St Noets Extra, CSLA Sarah Lyon said "We've been giving our CDA's bottles of chilled water & same for over at click & collect coz we mustn't forget them either".

Amanda a Customer Services Liason Assistant from Kettering Extra gave each of her CDA's an ice lolly with the offer of a good hosing down.

Jennifer Young, a Customer Services Liason Assistant from Falkirk posted some pictures of her CDA's cooling off with ice lollies.

Above: Stewart and Ray pose for a picture in the relentless heat.

Below: Steph, Jade and Alicia distributing lollies in Falkirk.

As with most spells of hot weather, the  week came to a dramatic end with torrential rain and a series of thunderstorms. At Falkirk 6505, Dot Com Manager Nikki Ross reacted to this by offering to deliver click and collect orders to customers home addresses. Customer Services Liasion Assistant Jennifer said "We had a horrendous thunderstorm and torrential rain this morning in Falkirk and our click and collect location point has no canopy or cover over it and is very exposed to the wind even on a nice day. Between the two of us we managed to call them all and our dispatcher susan helped move the orders onto the vans. So we now have three very happy and very dry customers with their shopping on its way to them".

Graham from Falkirk 6505 has a flawless reputation for delivering on time but he was a bit late to take advantage of his ice lolly.

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