Delivering the Goods

Posted by [email protected] on June 2, 2015 at 6:05 PM

In a world where more and more people are having their groceries delivered to their homes, the relationship between retailer and customer has really changed – customers invite us into their homes. At Tesco, the Customer Delivery Assistant is our ambassador and for many customers who order online, the only person they’ll interact with – they’re responsible for delivering the goods.


I have been doing the job for five years. It’s one of the few jobs I’ve done where I want to get up in a morning to go to work. Our delivery area is so diverse and I love the variety. You may get a block of flats in the city of Sheffield and a remote farm in the Peak District on the same run.

My favourite area is the peak district, especially the village of Eyam. It’s steeped in history but most famous for isolating itself during the plague in 1665.


We have quite a lot of elderly customers who order small amounts of shopping, but I tend to spend longer with them than I would delivering a large family order. I’ll make sure they are happy and put their frozen food away if required. We used to have one elderly customer who tried to pay us for the shopping every time we delivered.


We sometimes get asked to do other things by customers. I’ve opened jars, used my sack barrow to carry mobility scooter batteries out of a nursing home. I’ve been asked to change light bulbs by a customer. I’ve helped a mum to put her son in a ruck sack type baby carrier so she could unpack her shopping. I love customer’s pets, especially the dogs, if you get to know their names you’ll make it easier next time, they may stop barking if you talk to them using their name.


One of the strangest and funniest moments I’ve had was when onesies first come out. I’d not heard of them. Imagine my surprise when a fully grown man opened the door dressed in a full size tiger romper suit. It’s a daily occurrence now.

Some of our customers normally shop in store but temporarily order online due to incapacity, such as after an operation. I always these give customers extra help but it’s also great to see them back in store doing their own shopping, when they’re better.


About three years ago, I found a customer laying on the floor with breathing difficulties. He had pressed his emergency button and was already communicating with the help line. I carried on the conversation with the help line until the warden arrived and then went out to direct the paramedic to his flat – I’m pleased to say he was fine next time I visited.


We have thousands of Customer Delivery Assistants at Tesco now and their service can really make the difference for customers. If you see me out on the road please do say hello, you never know, I could be delivering to you one day.

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